Suan son bor kaew in Chiang mai, Thailand

Cherry blossom in Pangkhon mountian in Chiang Rai, Thailand



Our journey began when Miss Zoirak decided to foster a career from her interest in beauty. In her teenage years, she dreamt of becoming a fashion designer and establishing her own clothing brand. She managed to realise this dream, but it collapsed during the course of her journey as she realized that managing staff was far more difficult than she could have imagined. Such was the price of starting her first business at the age of 19.


 In the wake of this unforeseen incident, Miss Zoirak took a break from her business for more than a year in order to revitalise through soul-searching and seeking out new inspirations. She wanted to make her identity and purpose in life clear once and for all. What she found during this year, and kept close to her heart, was a desire to create something new within the fashion and beauty industry. This is her passion; nobody can take this away from her. This is how she decided to make a fresh start.


 Miss Zoirak managed to find a partner who had been working within the beauty industry for several decades. She wanted to learn more within this field, and found joy in the opportunity to work alongside her partner while learning about the beauty product industry without having to manager her own staff.


During the start-up, plans changed and the two chose to go their separate ways. Miss Zoirak was left to herself. Despite this, she did not give up—she continued the journey alone.


As she embarked upon this journey, she crossed paths with many kind-hearted and inspiring people who showed her the beauty of our planet. In discovering the value of natural beauty, Miss Zoirak’s concept of beauty changed drastically. She decided to prioritise products that were both healthy and good for her from a long term perspective, especially given the sheer number of toxic beauty products currently available on the market. For this reason, she chose to develop all her beauty products, both present and future, without parabens, sulphates, silicones, or other hazardous substances. It is especially important that all products be cruelty free!





The structure and foundation of Zoirak is designed to be a charity opportunity for the local people in Thailand. Our product developers have lent a large amount of land to farmers so that they will be able to feed themselves and their families. They have also taught the farmers how to grow different plants, fruits, and vegetables. If the farmers want an income, we make sure to buy all the raw materials that they can offer, at the rate they demand, and without any haggling.


Our product developers’ core mission was to find methods of developing various useful products from the raw materials they had in hands. Some of these products are the beauty products that you can find at Zoirak today.


We believe that beauty is to give, and that giving is true beauty.





Zoirak stands for a beauty that is healthy and does no harm to our planet. We want to provide products that our customers can feel confident in and proud of using. Zoirak's products have to be as natural as possible, organic, and eco-friendly.


We will never be able to produce a huge volume of our products because our ingredients are based on raw natural materials. The whole process leading up to the manufacturing of our beauty products can take between 5 to 8 months. This is because we cannot force nature to provide us with more than it can replenish—this is the foundation of sustainability and is something that we need to respect.


Today, Zoirak is studying more areas in Thailand where local people may be in need of help. We would like to expand our support of agriculture within the country as Thailand’s climate is perfect for farming. Not everyone has the luxury of owning land from which to make a living. Our goal is to support agriculture, thus helping more people to realise this opportunity.


 We have a number of upcoming products that will be released in the near future. These products have been carefully tested over the course of several months in order to ensure that they truly work their magic. One of the biggest challenges today is to develop our own natural, completely organic makeup line.