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Where to buy our products?

Zoirak officially emerged into the market in October 2016. We are new on the market, but for almost two years we have been focused on research and development in order to bring you the best possible products. These products have just gone out for trials at hair salons across Bangkok before we release them to the Asian market and worldwide.

Distribution has already begun in Scandinavia and is being handled by Lyko. Visit for more information.


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Please contact us at for more information and inquiries about quotations.


Are you a hair salon owner who wants to become our partner?

Our products are developed for professional use and we love to collaborate with all types of hair salons, whether big or small.

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Are you an influencer and want to review our products?

We at Zoirak love influencers. Miss Zoirak actually started as an influencer who had a strong bond with her audience, and it was with their help that she built Zoirak. For this reason we welcome influencers into our family with open arms.


Do you have great ideas and want to have fun with us?

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What to do if you get allergic reactions from our products?

Everyone is built differently; some people are allergic to peanuts, some to oranges. We've included all the ingredients on our labels so you can read through them carefully, but we still strongly recommend that you apply a small amount of our products to your skin before use, just to see if it causes any irritation. You can also contact us anytime at for further guidance.