Love yourself, Love our nature, Love our planet



The structure and foundation of Zoirak is designed to be a charity opportunity for the local people in Thailand. Our product developers have lent a large amount of land to farmers so that they will be able to feed themselves and their families. They have also taught the farmers how to grow different plants, fruits, and vegetables. If the farmers want an income, we make sure to buy all the raw materials that....


We believe that beauty is to give, and that giving is the real beauty.



In addition to being non-toxic, we wanted or products to be as natural as possible as we care about the environment in which our products are produced. Since our focus is entirely on organic production, there are no hazardous chemicals involved, from the cultivation of raw materials to the manufacturing processes used. These natural products are not harmful to your health, nor will they damage our environment—when you rinse our products from your body, they will return once more to nature...