Natural Oil



Sesame oil, Coconut oil. Kaffir lime oil, Flower oil. Vanilla extract


Sulfate free - Paraben free - Perfume free - Silicone free

Cruelty free


100% Natural

How to use

Our Zoirak natural oil can be used in combination with Zoirak conditioner as a healthy treatment for your hair.


Add a few drops of Natural oil into Zoirak conditioner, blend together and massage into your hair. Leave in for 10-15 minutes, and then rinse with water.


You can use our Zoirak natural oil on either wet or dry hair, whenever you feel like your hair needs freshening up. Why not try leaving Natural oil in your hair overnight and washing it out in the morning? After trying this for a month, we’ve found the results to be incredible!


As an additional benefit, natural oil can also be used for treating dry skin.


Cold press oils

Our Natural oils are cold pressed. Most oils quickly go rancid and lose all benefits when exposed to temperatures above 125 degrees. With cold pressed oils we can be sure that all nutritional value is retained. In addition, they contain zero grams of trans-fatty acids and are naturally cholesterol-free. Cold pressed oils excel in both cosmetics and skin care—they will bring you good health in a manner quite unlike other oils.