Thailand Is Home Of Organics


To develop and produce organic beauty products is not an easy task. Harvesting raw materials from our beautiful Mother Earth is a long and laborious process—most of the time is spent in anticipation of the harvest. We have great respect for our planet and will never force it to provide more than can be replenished. Our planet is far too beautiful for that, and we are thankful for all we receive.


It took us at Zoirak a while to realise that some of the best materials were right under our noses. Did you know that Thailand is one of the best places for organic produce?


For thousands of years, our ancestors in Thailand used so-called ‘Thai herbs’ to create medicines that would provide good health and beauty. For this reason, we feel confident in the strong foundation provided by these people, with their years of experience and knowledge inherited from their ancestors.


We simply want to bring out the best in Thailand, and share with the world the most beautiful and valuable treasures our country has to offer.


/ Zoirak team