Zoirak for USDA Organic


At this point in time, we are working on finalising the paperwork to become USDA Organic certified. As Zoirak was only officially established very recently, we need to be a bit patient when it comes to processing all the paperwork. We are happy to have received an estimate that everything should be completed by the New Year (2017).


Embarking on the USDA certification process has been very time consuming, but we believe that this certification will help our customers to feel safe and confident when it comes to using our products.


We can understand why so many companies choose not to get this type of certification—it is both time consuming and very costly.


Being certified as USDA Organic is not the end of the process—agents of the USDA will be conducting regular check-ups to ensure that standards are maintained. As we believe this certificate will help our customers feel more secure, we will be pursuing whatever it takes in order to obtain USDA certification.



Going through the USDA process:

First and foremost, the agents will investigate the source of our raw materials—they will look into where the ingredients are grown and issue certifications for the land. Once this is complete, they will need to trace all of the ingredients and issue a unique certification for each before they can certify the individual product they compose as USDA Organic.

Today, we can be proud to say that our factory is of GMP class and entirely USDA Organic certified.


Even though we cannot put the USDA Organic stamp on our packaging just yet, we know in our hearts where our products are coming from and that they are being manufactured with love and care. From cultivation, mixing, and packaging, all the way to the moment our products hit the shelves in stores, each step of the process is treated with the same degree of affection.

 You are welcome to follow us on our journey at @Zoirakofficial (Instagram)  


/ Zoirak team