Zoirak Soap Bar


One of the products that we plan to release around the New Year will be our very own natural and organic soap bar based on coconut oil. Many of our testers are already thoroughly satisfied and completely in love with our soaps.


Words from our testers no.1

- At the beginning my skin felt crisp and rough, but after one week of use, my skin is so much better and smoother than ever. The feeling of "rough skin" also disappeared and now I can’t imagine using anything else.


Let’s delve a little into the ‘crisp and rough’ feeling our testers described during the first week of use. According to our product developers and scientists, this is an effect of the coconut oil in the soap purging all of the bad fats from the skin. This is completely harmless and more than worth putting up with. If you are using body lotions daily, you will not even notice anything at all and the skin will usually adapt quickly after a few days of using the soap. And of course, as our tester said—your skin will be smoother and softer than ever.




Words from our testers no.2

- I used the soap as a facial soap since you told me that there are no harsh chemicals and that it’s completely harmless to the face. I have very sensitive Asian skin and suffer from adult acne, but after only one month of use, I saw the difference in my skin and the acne disappeared. My face does not feel as oily as before either.


This is one of the most beneficial effects of coconut oil; because it is naturally rich in anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory substances, it has the potential to eradicate acne and scars while helping to boost the healing process.


We are happy to hear that so many of our testers are very pleased with our soap bars. Even so, we will continue to test them further in order to see if there is anything in our formula that needs changing to be able to offer the best possible product. It takes years to develop a new product and our soap bars seem to be ready for the market. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the future!


/ Zoirak team